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Packing Tips



1. Create a detailed thing to do for moving your house to keep track of each you have to look after.
2. Prepare a detailed list of goods and send them to multiple relocation companies to get quotations.
3. Getting estimates from several companies will give you a good starting point in screening and choosing a moving company in India.
4. You can save on moving costs by packing some of your stuff yourself or arranging free cartons from grocery stores.
5. It’s okay to use cartons of different sizes while packing your household goods for moving.
6. Pack similar items together in one box but be careful to not put lots of items in one box. while loading or unloading, it’ll be terrible.
7. To pack fragile items, you can use towels, old curtains, etc for extra cushioning while wrapping.
8. If you are hiring movers and packers, then make sure to compare rates and profiles of a couple of service providers before choosing.
9. Possibly take picture of the major items before packing so that in case there is any damage or scratch, you can prove that the goods were not damaged already.
10. Dry your refrigerator and washing machines before moving because moisture could cause damage to electronic goods.
11. While doing long-distance move, insurance becomes critical but don’t ignore insurance even if in case of local home shifting.
12. While hiring a mover, possibly you should check all of the papers and ensure that every claim which is made by the service provider is true as per the documents.
13. Moving companies have the expertise to pack and move your goods properly, but still, you should be present and supervise the process to ensure everything is done to your satisfaction.
14. While unloading your goods, make sure to unload and stack all of the boxes properly.
15. Carry valuable possessions like jewelry and ornaments with yourself and ditto for important documents.
16. Use thermocol, carpet or blanket to glide heavier household goods like furniture.
17. Car carrier companies usually insure your car, but you should just double check it to be sure.
18. While moving your home plants, just ensure that you don’t water it on the date of moving.
19. Storage facilities must be well equipped with safety types of equipment like CC TV cameras, fire alarms and fire fighting instruments.
20. Storing flammable items like kerosene oil, petrol, chemicals, etc is restricted and you must clarify and inform the storage company if you are intending to store such items.
21. Don’t store food items that attract pests or ants in the storage facility.
22. Make sure to get your goods insured while it’s in storage. Also, check insurance details with the storage company.