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Packing Material



When anyone decides to relocate from one place to a different he/she is already experiencing the emotional turmoil of going away an area behind and brick up with a replacement set. If somebody is relocating, their main concern is the safety and care of their valuable product. Valuable things like TV, Fridge, Wardrobes & room Utensils would like delicate handling. And to stay things safe all of those things would like superb and skilled packaging.

We at Kaushik Logistics Packers and Movers have vast expertise within the packaging of materials. we tend to follow the best standards needed for such processes, packing all of your product as per its demand.

We confirm the fabric used for packaging is acceptable for the character and volume of the kind of products. we tend to use premium quality packaging material that protects the products from weather, breakage, etc. we tend to use all ISO factory-made packaging material and this material is quality checked at regular intervals. The packing used is supervised at regular intervals since it’s thought to be a vital part of the safe delivery of products. we’ll confirm our client is glad about our packaging before it’s affected for transportation.

Following varieties of packaging materials area unit used at Kaushik Logistics Packers and Movers:

Plywood Boxes:

The laminate boxes we tend to use area unit created from very best quality Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence marked laminate. they’re offered in several varieties and sizes. laminate boxes area unit meant to hold significant masses like Wardrobes, Racks, Refrigerators, tv sets, etc. they will sustain in any climatic conditions for an extended amount and longer distances.

Wooden Boxes:

The wood boxes we tend to use for packaging area unit customized as per your wants. they area unit factory-made through quality wood and are pretty much reliable. In these wood boxes, you’ll be ready to transport several things like room Utensils, Crockery, etc.

Corrugated Boxes/ Cartons:

We use these cardboard boxes for packing several things like books, clothes, room utensils, groceries, etc.

Air Bubble Pouches:

These bubble Pouches area units meant to pack delicate materials like dishware, glass artifacts, etc.

Bubble Sheet Roles:

Bubble Sheet Roles area unit accustomed pack delicate however larger things like Mirrors, dressing tables, Wardrobes, etc. These sheets area unit accustomed stop the products from injury throughout handling and transportation.

Foam Roll:

We use different kinds of froth rolls for packing your materials like perforated, non-perforated and anti-static. they’re accustomed pack significant things as per your demand.

Thermocol Sheets and Boxes:

Thermocol is employed for the packaging of fragile things. they will be used as gap fillers additionally.

Cushion Wrapping:

We use cushion wrapping techniques particularly for electronic things which can guarantee they’re not broken because of jerk and bumps throughout transportation.

Stretch Wrap Films:

Stretch wrap films area unit used for protection functions. when packing in boxes and cartons these films can make sure that packages area unit sealed properly.

Packing Straps:

Our packing straps can seal all the products o.k. and additionally can facilitate our employees to handle the products effectively.

Plastic Sutli:

These high-quality Sutli area unit accustomed tie luggage or sew them. they’re straightforward to use, sturdy and light-weight for any fastening functions.

BOPP Tapes:

Bopp tapes area unit used for protection functions.